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lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Manufactura del Ácido Sulfúrico / Sulfuric Acid Manufacture: Analysis, Control and Optimization (actualizado)

Sulfuric Acid Manufacture: Analysis, Control and Optimization
By Davenport & King
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - Production and Consumption
Chapter 3 - Sulfur Burning
Chapter 4 - Metallurgical Off gas Cooling and Cleaning
Chapter 5 - Regeneration of Spent Sulfuric Acid
Chapter 6 - Dehydrating Air and Gases with Strong Sulfuric Acid
Chapter 7 - Catalytic Oxidation of SO2 to SO3
Chapter 8 - SO2 Oxidation Catalyst and Catalyst Beds
Chapter 9 - Production of H2SO4(l) from SO3(g)
Chapter 10 - Oxidation of SO2 to SO3 — Equilibrium Curves
Chapter 11 - SO2 Oxidation Heatup Paths
Chapter 12 - Maximum SO2 Oxidation: Heatup Path-Equilibrium Curve Intercepts
Chapter 13 - Cooling 1st Catalyst Bed Exit Gas
Chapter 14 - 2nd Catalyst Bed Heatup Path
Chapter 15 - Maximum SO2 Oxidation in a 2nd Catalyst Bed
Chapter 16 - 3rd Catalyst Bed SO2 Oxidation
Chapter 17 - SO3 and CO2 in Feed Gas
Chapter 18 - 3rd Catalyst Bed Acid Plant
Chapter 19 - After-H2SO4-Making SO2 Oxidation
Chapter 20 - Optimum Double Contact Acidmaking
Chapter 21 - Enthalpies and Enthalpy Transfers
Chapter 22 - Control of Gas Temperature by Bypassing
Chapter 23 - H2SO4 Making
Chapter 24 - Acid Temperature Control and Heat Recovery
Appendix A - Sulfuric Acid Properties
Appendix B - Derivation of Equilibrium Equation (10.12)
Appendix C - Free Energy Equations for Equilibrium Curve Calculations
Appendix D - Preparation of Fig. 10.2 Equilibrium Curve
Appendix E - Proof that Volume% = Mole% (for Ideal Gases)
Appendix F - Effect of CO2 and Ar on Equilibrium Equations (None)
Appendix G - Enthalpy Equations for Heatup Path Calculations
Appendix H - Matrix Solving Using Tables 11.2 and 14.2 as Examples
Appendix I - Enthalpy Equation in Heatup Path Matrix Cells
Appendix J - Heatup Path-Equilibrium Curve Intercept Calculations
Appendix K - 2nd Catalyst Bed Heatup Path Calculations
Appendix L - Equilibrium Equation for Multi-Catalyst Bed SO2 Oxidation
Appendix M - 2nd Catalyst Bed Intercept Calculations
Appendix N - 3rd Catalyst Bed Heatup Path Worksheet
Appendix O - 3rd Catalyst Bed Intercept Worksheet
Appendix P - Effect of SO3 in Fig. 10.1 Feed Gas on Equilibrium Equations
Appendix Q - SO3-in-Feed-Gas Intercept Worksheet
Appendix R - CO2- and SO3-in-Feed-Gas Intercept Worksheet
Appendix S - 3rd Catalyst-Bed ‘Converter’ Calculations
Appendix T - Worksheet for Calculating After-Intermediate-H2SO4-Making Heatup Path Equilibrium Curve Intercepts
Appendix U - After-H2SO4-Making SO2 Oxidation with SO3 and CO2 in Input Gas
Appendix V - Moist Air in H2SO4 Making Calculations
Appendix W - Calculation of H2SO4 Making Tower Mass Flows

Answers to Numerical Problems

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